Common Allergies in Phoenix: Dust Mite Allergies and How to Avoid Them

The test involves putting the actual allergen itself on the skin and pricking the skin to see if there’s a reaction. A huge number of people are skin-prick test positive to house dust allergens. That doesn’t necessarily mean to say they’ve all got symptoms; approximately half have got clinical symptoms.

However, that’s a huge percentage of the population, and probably half to two thirds of those with clinical symptoms have got moderate-to-severe allergy. These are really bothersome symptoms that affect people’s ability to work and function.

These are the words that Steve Harris— CEO and co-founder of biopharmaceutical company Circassia— said in an interview for News-Medical.Net. In the interview, Harris adds that house mites are “a major healthcare problem” that can adversely affect people’s daily lives. House dust mite allergies are among the most prominent allergies in Phoenix, so it pays to know your enemy.