What is a Pollen Allergy

Call it what you will – pollinosis, a nasal allergy, or just plain “hay fever” – millions of people suffer from the effects of pollen every day. The affliction ranges in form from a small and short sniffling in the morning hours to full-blown sneezing fits throughout the day. The condition is irritating and aggravating but, rest assured, it is not life threatening.

What exactly is pollen?

Pollen grains are part of the male portion of seed plants. It is an integral part of the plant ecosystem around us and by its very nature is commonplace. In fact, without pollen, life on the planet Earth would not even be possible – so get used to the fact that it will be around for some time to come. This last fact does not mean, however, that human healthcare specialists are unable to deal with a pollen allergy in any meaningful way.

What can be done to alleviate an allergy to pollen?

Healthcare professionals have developed a number of effective reAdult-Pediatric-Allergy-Phoenixmedies but it really takes a specialist to recommend the most effective one. In particular, you may be prescribed antihistamines or decongestants to start, nasal corticosteroids if these first two do not prove effective or an ipratropium or a leukotriene modifier. If these medicines do not solve the problem, an allergy specialist may finally resort to immunotherapy administered by injection.

This information is of more than passing concern to any resident of the Phoenix area who is even mildly allergic to pollen. In fact, it is integral to their well-being. Keep it in mind whenever you have an allergic reaction to pollen and if you do need more information on the basics of pollen, why it provokes an allergic reaction and how best to treat it, please contact us at Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates. We can be booked online, or reached directly at 602-242-4592.


It’s a NEW YEAR!!! Time to quit suffering from allergies

Allergy child image

The army of allergy sufferers in this world know how difficult it is to live with their symptoms throughout the year. Although there are spikes in various allergens within your local environment at different times of the year, leaving allergies untreated means you are often miserable. That’s why it is important to trust your health to your Scottsdale Allergist at a local allergy or asthma clinic

Living with Allergies
This is a tall order for anyone who didn’t grow up with allergies. At any time, your body can react to allergens. Sometimes, the symptoms get so severe that you don’t want to get out of bed. Here are a few: headaches, shortness of breath, a feeling that your chest is swollen, clogged ears, a constant drip in the back of your throat, a scratchy feeling, swollen glands, blurry, itchy, and watery eyes, and constant fatigue.

Allergies have the power to affect your whole body. Oftentimes, it takes mind over body just to get through the day. And, if you have had allergies for any period of time, a daily antihistamine is not worth much more than a sugar pill. It only works on a good day when you believe in it. That’s the placebo effect. The rest of the time, the antihistamine is worthless.

Long-term solutions to allergies, whether seasonal or year-round, come with time. Trust your care to a talented allergy and asthma specialist. Our doctors are caring people who want to review all of your medical history and treat you as a whole patient. There will be things that you need to do to adjust your diet and remove allergens from your home. The total effect of medical treatments and small lifestyle changes will be worth it. Without the effects of allergies, you will have more energy and start to enjoy life again.

Ask us how allergy relief begins. Our allergy doctors can help.